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Railway Ticket Availability

Railway Ticket Availability

Railway Ticket Availability – Making any Enquiry in Indian Railways

It is very easy now to check availability of tickets in any trains online. There are many trains which are available and run on a particular day. Before the internet era, the only option among the railway passengers to enquire about seat availability was to visit the booking counters. Nowadays it can be done at home using mobile and computers. All one needs is an internet connection.

Online Ticket Booking and Railway Ticket Availability

There are many trains which run between the major stations of the cities. The Indian railway ticket availability in different trains can be known using the IRCTC account. All one needs is a valid username and password on the website. There is certain information which needs to be fed to get the list of trains which runs on a particular day.

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Firstly the station codes of the source station and the destination station has to be entered. After this it is important to enter the date of journey. The list of train then appears for that particular day between the given stations. The train seat availability for different classes like AC, sleeper and 2nd AC can be made. The IRCTC account can also be used for booking confirmed tickets in any of the train in India.

This can also be done on mobiles having internet connection. The website of Indian railways are mobile friendly. There are official Indian railway apps also available which can be used by the passengers to book tickets and also to enquire about the seat availability in any train.